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Why should you join our team?

A letter from the owner 

Dear You:

My name is Audrey Chen and I am the owner of Seed Education (currently named Top in Harbin). Our school is over four years old and I have been working in the English Language Teaching (ELT) industry for well over a decade. This journey began when I started working for a very large and well-known language school in China that has hundreds of locations. I quickly progressed through the ranks and became one of the youngest Centre Directors in the organization and had the opportunity to oversee a number of schools throughout China. This experience was invaluable and provided me with incredible insight into not only how language schools operate and the education industry, but also it allowed me to reflect and question my own life’s purpose and what education is really about. These were questions I could not find in the confines of a corporate organization so after eight years I decided to start my own school.


We currently have 2 schools in Harbin and another school in Beijing will open in the summer of 2017. Our experience of having carefully built strong and respected schools, means that in the future we will be ready to expand further.


In order to expand, we must always be looking for talented, motivated, and good-hearted people who share our same vision. Joining Seed Education in this early stage of expansion means there are endless possibilities for the right individuals. We put the team first, because only the team can make our ideas happen. We don’t have investors; we have business partners who are leaders working within our schools. We believe in the individual and everyone who joins Seed Education has a chance to be a true partner, no other school in China can say this because no other school in China invests as much as we do in our people.


From day one we decided our mission was to be Dedicated to Growth. This is not just some motto we try to sell to our students and parents, but it permeates throughout the school and originated with the practice of constantly trying to improve ourselves and grow. We have been able to do incredible things with our students and have been cultivating a group of highly motivated learners who are respectful, influential, and of course are becoming confident English speakers.


If you think you are up for the challenge, truly value education, and want to keep learning and growing, keep reading what our school can offer.


School Culture & Management Philosophy

- We have a strong team, recruited from amongst the top professionals in their field, who all share the same vision of holistic education.

- We all try to practice our mission and values daily.

- We care about each other, always willing to help, and are respectful.

- We believe the team is the core that will make the difference. We put the team first, not money, and not even the customer! A solid team means the customer will be happy and the money will follow.

- To ensure the team really makes the difference we cooperate with the top organizations in education and we continually search and invest in the most effective resources to help each of us to develop our skills and talents.

- You, too, will become part of this successful team, growing and improving your craft.

- If we show love, respect, and trust to our team members, we will deliver and exceed student and parent expectations.

- We have a very flat organization, everyone’s opinion matters and you have autonomy in your work.

- We always try our best to grow people, you can choose if you want to grow into a management role, or if you want to be an expert in certain area, they are all valued

- We take care of people; we always consider different needs, and try our best to support.

- We believe in diversity and respect all backgrounds, ethnicities, and beliefs.

- If you are interested about our philosophy and culture, please look at the attachment of “Why, How, What.”


Development Strategy

- We are an educational organization, we are not only teaching English, we develop the whole child.

- We train everyone on the different theories of psychology so they can understand and help our learners more.

- We have an English Children’s Choir, which is unique in China.

- We are a high profile brand, our parents are generally well educated, our philosophy resonates with them, and they are willing to grow with us to be better parents and people.

- We are business oriented, but not profit obsessed. Our main priority is to do what’s right for our learners’ education. Then profit will follow.

- Our schools are located in prime areas, decorated in modern style, with high quality facilities. (Refer to attachment of “School look and locations”)

- We are authorized by Cambridge English Language Assessment as a Cambridge English Examination Centre for Cambridge Main Suit Exam (MSE) and Teaching Knowledge Test(TKT).


Salary Package& Benefits  

- We are looking for committed teachers, and are willing to offer competitive packages according to qualifications and experience.

- We provide every teacher with medical and accident insurance.

- Care extends further, so that after 2 years of working with Seed Education we use a commercial company to provide a pension plan.

- We have an internal stock plan for everyone who has been with us for more than 1 year. If you meet the standards of our annual review, you can receive stock as a bonus. This can increase yearly according to your performance and when you leave the school, we will buy the stock back at the current market rate.

- We organize Annual Conferences in different cities.

- We organize school trips every year after the summer for team building activities and relaxation.


Continuous Development

- Growing people is one of our main objectives, hence the name Seed Education! We provide many kinds of trainings, workshops, and coaching sessions from the moment you start.

- We have internal and external trainings. Our academic leaders conduct internal trainings and workshops. Many of them have Master’s degrees in a related field paired with other teaching qualifications as well as many years of teaching experience.

- We take training so seriously that in the summer and winter we have I full week of training, for which we cancel all classes.

- Our external training is conducted by the British Council Teacher Development Programme, which is regarded as one of the premier teacher development programmes in the industry. We invest around 10,000 RMB a year per teacher for this programme.

- We always encourage teachers to continue to learn and improve their qualifications. We ask all teachers to take the TKT examinations, for which we train and pay. We also offer financial support to teachers who want to take further qualifications. This can be discussed with your supervisor.

- Lastly, we are partnered with Cambridge Press because we use many of their books. They often invite us to join trainings and lectures hosted by famous writers and ELT masters.


If you are ready to take the next step in your life, please contact us. You can search our name in LinkedIn for updates and news. [Linkedin: Seed Education (TOP English Harbin)]


We’re looking forward to hearing from you.


Audrey Chen

General Manger    

Dear you:




    从我们决定我们的使命是“Dedicated to growth致力于成长”那天起,这不是我们试图销售给学生和家长的座右铭,它是不断渗透在整个学校的起源和发展以及个人不断地进步和成长之中。我们已经在我们的学员中做了许多令人难以置信的事儿,同时我们也培养了一批高动机的学习者。                                                                                 







































 如果你已经准备好了开启你人生中新的旅途,请联系我们。你可以在Linkedin上面搜索:[Linkedin: Seed Education (TOP English Harbin)][领英:思的教育(哈尔滨托浦)]


Audrey Chen

General Manger  



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