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AvePoint,您的微软云专家。AvePoint已帮助全球超过15, 000家企业客户和5百万云用户将企业数据迁移至微软Office 365和SharePoint并进行管理和保护。AvePoint软件解决方案全面部署于云端、本地及混合环境,并为您提供7*24小时全天候技术支持。AvePoint助力全球六大洲各行业客户轻松过渡至微软云,提高IT管理员生产力,实现企业监管与合规目标。
AvePoint三度荣获微软年度合作伙伴荣誉,六次入选Inc.500|5000全美发展速度最快的私人企业排行榜,五度入围德勤高科技高成长500强(Deloitte Technology Fast 500™)。AvePoint是微软全球独立软件开发商合作伙伴(Global ISV),已揽获四枚微软金牌合作伙伴资格认证——应用程序发展、云平台、云生产力及协作和内容,是美国总务管理局(GSA)认证战略合作伙伴。成立于2001年,总部位于美国新泽西州泽西市,AvePoint属私人控股企业并获得高盛投资。
AvePoint在中国区设立长春、大连、沈阳、北京、上海5家分公司。AvePoint 北京是继长春、大连两个成功的研发中心之后,AvePoint在中国创建的第一个综合业务的商务中心。自2010年成立以来,北京公司员工数量超百余人次,业务领域涉及研发、销售、技术支持、业务流程设计等,已有近百人次到访美国、德国、澳大利亚、日本、新加坡等国家接受现场培训。我们将秉承公司自由开放、公平竞争的价值观,为你提供一个充分展示自己的平台和多种出国培训开阔视野的窗口AvePoint北京期待你的加入!

About AvePoint

AvePoint is the Microsoft Cloud expert.Over 15,000 companies and 5 million cloud users worldwide trust AvePoint to migrate, manage, and protect their Office 365 and SharePoint data. AvePoint’s integrated cloud, hybrid, and on-premises software solutions are enhanced by 24/7 support and award-winning services. Organisations across six continents and all industries rely on AvePoint to ease transition to the Microsoft Cloud, increase IT administrator productivity, and satisfy governance and compliance objectives.
A three-time Microsoft Partner of the Year, AvePoint has been named to the Inc. 500|5000 six times and the Deloitte Technology Fast 500™ five times. AvePoint is a Microsoft Global ISV Partner, a Microsoft Gold Partner in Application Development, Cloud Platform, Cloud Productivity, and Collaboration and Content, and a US Government GSA provider via strategic partnerships. Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Jersey City, NJ, AvePoint is privately held and backed by Goldman Sachs.
AvePoint China has five branches located in Changchun, Dalian, Shenyang, Beijing and Shanghai. With two established Decenters in Changchun and Dalian, our Beijing office is the first comprehensive business unit within AvePoint China. Since found in 2010, AvePoint Beijing has more than one hundred employees and covers essential business areas such as R&D, Sales, Support, and Business Process Design, etc. We have sent nearly one hundred person times to be trained aboard in USA, Germany, Australia, Japan and Singapore. Our values are rooted in Freedom, Openness, and Fairness. With these essential core values instilled within us, we hope to provide you with a stage where you can fully demonstrate your talent and training opportunities abroad which will enable you to reach greater successes. We welcome you to unleash your career with AvePoint Beijing!
For more information, please find www.AvePoint.comand www.AvePoint.com.cn.
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