Interface Sealing Solutions (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

公司性质: 外商独资
公司规模: 500-999人
公司行业: 汽车/摩托车
公司地址: 上海市长宁区延安西路728号14楼F座


Interface Solutions Inc. (ISI) is a leading manufacturer of sealing systems, engineered composite materials and specialty papers based in US. It is the first and one of the largest company in the world manufacturing non-asbestos gasket materials used for engines, compressors and other industrial applications.

As the automobile industry is experiencing a high growth rate, IPM’s products are having a great potential in Asia.  In line with the development, IPM has recently established a wholly-owned entity in Shanghai, Interface Sealing Solutions Shanghai Co., Ltd. (ISSS), functioning as IPM’ Asia operation center.  As a Tier I supplier of finished gaskets, ISSS offers sales, marketing, and technical assistance to a wide range of customers in Asia and abroad.

ISSS is currently reinforcing its sales and service team in China in order to strengthen and expand its business in this area.


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职位名称 公司名称 职位月薪 工作地点 发布日期

Customer Service Representative 客服代表 Interface Sealing Solutions (Shanghai) Co., Ltd 5000-7000元/月 上海 最新
地点:上海 公司性质:外商独资 公司规模:500-999人 经验:1-3年 学历:大专 职位月薪:5000-7000元/月

Position Information Job Summary : The customer service representative is responsible for providing effective customer service for all...

Sales Engineer 销售工程师 Interface Sealing Solutions (Shanghai) Co., Ltd 8000-15000元/月 上海 最新
地点:上海 公司性质:外商独资 公司规模:500-999人 经验:1-3年 学历:本科 职位月薪:8000-15000元/月

Job Summary: To actively promote, support, and sell IPM products and services throughout China.  The individual will work closely with all IPM offices/pe...