Antal International

外商独资 100-499人 专业服务、咨询(财会、法律、人力资源等)、快速消费品(食品、饮料、烟酒、日化)、交通、运输、医疗设备、器械




    Founded in 1993, Antal International is a management and professional recruitment specialist with a particular focus on the sourcing and retention of candidates in the 'Generation Y' bracket. One of the first recruitment organizations to devote substantial resources to emerging markets, the company now has over 135 offices in more than 35 countries and works with many of the world's most successful and ambitious employers.

Antal International has been operating in Asia-Pacific for more than 16years and Antal China has offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

While Antal International’s brand is generalist our talented people are each specialists. 

Antal can assist in defining what type of company suits you, what culture you would excel in, where your skills add value. Our trained consultants guide you through the process, helping you make the best decisions for your professional future. We treat each candidate with total discretion and in absolute confidence. 
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Suite 1102A, Tower D, DRC Office Building, No.19 Dongfangdonglu, Chaoyang District,Beijing



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