公司性质: 外商独资
公司规模: 10000人以上
公司网站: http://www.bsh-group.com
公司行业: 耐用消费品(服饰/纺织/皮革/家具/家电)
公司地址: 南京市栖霞区尧新大道208号


On October 28, 2004, BSH Electrical Appliances (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd, namely, BSH Appliance Park became a registered wholly foreign owned enterprise. Invested by BSH Home Appliances Group.  BSH Appliance Park was established in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. The registered capital is USD 63 million and the total investment is USD 189 million.


 On March 9, 2005, the groundbreaking ceremony for the Appliance Park was held in the Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone. The Appliance Park covers an area of 371,179 square meters, employs more than 3,000 employees and has an annual production capacity of over 10 million units. Four factories have been built, and the Appliance Park is a major production base for washing machines, small household appliances, cooking appliances, and motors.


BSH Electrical Appliances (Jiangsu) & BSH Appliance Park are already home to 6 R&D centers for refrigerators, washing machines, cooking appliances, small appliances, dish washers and electrical motors. Together they employ more than 500 highly qualified employees.  As one of BSH Home Appliances Group’s most important R&D bases in the world, these R&D centers are responsible for developing quality home appliance products with advanced design concepts and a focus on innovation. The Appliance Park also has an international purchasing center and a national warehouse, providing solid logistics support to the Park’s production effort.


On November 3, BSH launched the Dish Care Engineering Center in Nanjing, China. With up-to-date laboratory equipment, the center is also home to more than 120 highly specialized engineers, and has become the second biggest engineering center for BSH’s dishcare division worldwide.


In November 2016, BSH breaks ground on new Region Greater China R&D center in Nanjing, the facility will have a total investment of  400 million RMB. The total land use will be 26,000 square meters (39 MU) and the total construction area will be about 30,000 square meters, housing an R&D office building and another facility. After the completion of the project, it will become one of the most important parts of BSH’s global R&D system. The new R&D center is scheduled to begin operations by October 2018, and  aims to employ more than 1200 engineers by 2025.


Profiles of four factories:


CP (small household appliance) factory —— On August 3, 2005, the CP factory, which covers 26,000 square meters, began production. It manufactures small household appliances such as electric irons, vacuum cleaners, coffee pots, multifunction drink machines, and kitchen aids. Most of these products are sold in the European market. In 2012, the annual production capacity was over 4 million units.小家电工厂——200583日正式投产,占地26,000平方米,生产电熨斗、吸尘器、咖啡壶、多功能饮料机、小厨宝等小家电,主要供应欧洲市场,预计2012年产量超400 万台。 

PH (cooking appliance) factory —— On February 9, 2006, the PH factory, which covers 22,800 square meters, started production on a range hood and cooking appliances. It is a major cooking appliance production and R&D base in the Asia Pacific region. 


Motor factory —— On September 27, 2006, the motor factory started production and in March 2012 it underwent an expansion operation. Covering 6,200 square meters, the park produces universal motors and new types of brushless motors. The facility has an annual production capacity of about 1.3 million units, providing components to both the Nanjing- and Wuxi-based washing machine factories.


Washing machine factory —— On March 6, 2007, the new front loader washing machine project was launched; the factory broke ground in September 26; on September 23, 2009, the factory was completed and put into operation, covering 31,600 square meters, employing over 500 people with an annual production capacity of nearly 1 million units.

洗衣机工厂——200736日项目正式启动,926日进行奠基,2009923日竣工投产,占地31,600 平方米,员工超过500人,年产量近100万台。

职位名称 公司名称 职位月薪 工作地点 发布日期

供应商质量管理--冰箱 博西华电器(江苏)有限公司 面议 南京 招聘中
地点:南京 公司性质:外商独资 公司规模:10000人以上 经验:3-5年 学历:本科 职位月薪:面议

岗位职责: Supplier quality engineer in BSH refrigerator division, interface between plant in Chuzhou and HQ in Germany。 BSH冰箱事业部供应商质量管理工程师, 作为滁州工厂和德国总部之间的接口。 1...

燃气开发工程师GasDevelopmentEngineer 博西华电器(江苏)有限公司 面议 南京 招聘中
地点:南京 公司性质:外商独资 公司规模:10000人以上 经验:3-5年 学历:本科 职位月薪:面议

岗位职责: Job Description 岗位职责: 1. Develop and design combustion components for gas cooktop according to requirement from marketing , product quality and technica...

预成型制造工程师 Manufacturing Engineer 博西华电器(江苏)有限公司 面议 南京-栖霞区 招聘中
地点:南京-栖霞区 公司性质:外商独资 公司规模:10000人以上 经验:3-5年 学历:本科 职位月薪:面议

岗位职责: 1.Develop, implement and sustain manufacturing processes 开发、导入并维护新的制造工艺 2.Continuously work on process, quality & productivity improvements, cycle t...

油烟机研发工程师Product Engineer 博西华电器(江苏)有限公司 面议 南京 招聘中
地点:南京 公司性质:外商独资 公司规模:10000人以上 经验:3-5年 学历:硕士 职位月薪:面议

岗位职责: Job Description 岗位职责: ​1.Ventilation whole appliance and structure parts design. 2. Creat product concept and evaluation feasibility based on requirmen...

研发工程师 Development Engineer 博西华电器(江苏)有限公司 面议 南京 招聘中
地点:南京 公司性质:外商独资 公司规模:10000人以上 经验:3-5年 学历:本科 职位月薪:面议

岗位职责: 职位目标 Objective of the position: 1.Responsible for development of cooking appliances and components 2.Develop technical concepts and define technical sp...

研发测试工程师 Test Engineer(滁州) 博西华电器(江苏)有限公司 面议 南京 招聘中
地点:南京 公司性质:外商独资 公司规模:10000人以上 经验:3-5年 学历:本科 职位月薪:面议

岗位职责: 职位目标 Objective of the position 1.Responsible for mechanical and electrical tests of appliances and components 2.Create test plan and time schedule. Mak...

制造工程师 Manufacturing Engineer 博西华电器(江苏)有限公司 面议 南京 招聘中
地点:南京 公司性质:外商独资 公司规模:10000人以上 经验:1-3年 学历:本科 职位月薪:面议

岗位职责: 1.Establish process control documents and work instructions 建立过程控制文档和工作说明 2.Process setup and optimization 流程设置和优化 3.Conduct time study with MTM, update...

操作工 Operator 博西华电器(江苏)有限公司 面议 南京 招聘中
地点:南京 公司性质:外商独资 公司规模:10000人以上 经验:1-3年 学历:高中 职位月薪:面议

岗位职责: ·高中及以上学历,机械专业优先考虑 ·2年或以上家电行业自动化装配线工作经验 ·吃苦耐劳,适应倒班安排

驱动应用工程师 Drive Application Engineer 博西华电器(江苏)有限公司 面议 南京-栖霞区 招聘中
地点:南京-栖霞区 公司性质:外商独资 公司规模:10000人以上 经验:3-5年 学历:硕士 职位月薪:面议

岗位职责: 岗位职责 Job Descriptions: 1.Drive function support for project 驱动应用项目支持 2.Drive application function performance evaluation 驱动应用功能性能评估 3.Function developme...

数据管理工程师 Data Management Engineer 博西华电器(江苏)有限公司 面议 南京-栖霞区 招聘中
地点:南京-栖霞区 公司性质:外商独资 公司规模:10000人以上 经验:1-3年 学历:本科 职位月薪:面议

岗位职责: 1. Responsible for creating and maintaining BOM(Bill of Material) of washer and washer-dryer 负责创建和维护洗涤产品的BOM(物料清单) 2. Responsible for material test a...